To just register and get a plate the fees are:    New Plate    $18   +   $30 to register  =   $48  --- One time.

To add a decal that allows the machine to cross a road at a proper crossings (includes 200,000 liability insurance coverage)   is an additional $25   and a license fee o $23.  
These fees are in addition to the mandatory plate and registration bringing the fee to $96 for the first time.    If you renew the decal annually with the minimum 200,000 insurance limit it would cost  $25+$23=$48     
You can purchase additional liability insurance for additional fees.

If you only register and purchase the plate it is a one time fee of $48.  If someone loses their plate it would be $18 to replace the plate.

You need continuity of ownership to register the machine. If you purchased from a dealer, take those papers with you.  If you can't find them ask your dealer if they can copy theirs. These papers should included a completed and signed Transfer /Tax form the same as we use when we are transferring ownership of a car or truck.  

If purchased privately you will be asked to pay PST when you register if the machine was purchased on or  after July  1, 2010.   Machines purchased privately on or before Jun 30, 2010 will be PST exempt.

If you have purchased a machine privately and can't show continuity of ownership you can complete a Statutory Declaration explaining to the best of your knowledge who you bought it from, where, when and value etc.  That declaration can be stamped at Service BC, our local court house for I was told $16.80 or by a notary in town for $30 - $40.  You would then take that Statutory Declaration to your insurance agent to register your machine.

I have attached a Statutory Declaration example to this email and a bit of information that we've probably already seen.

I also attached ICBC information regard crossing the road.  We would be for pleasure  - crossing only - not riding along the non-traveled portion of the road.

Good Luck with your registration!


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